Saturday, January 26, 2013

TM EXTEND: Extend your favorite promo for only P5!

TM Extend
TM Extend
TM introduces another FIRST in the industry - TM EXTEND - which provides TM subscribers an extra 24-hours to enjoy his favorite TM promo for only P5.

TM keeps true to its commitment of giving our subscribers everyday value for money through TM EXTEND which provides a one-day extension of our subscribers’ current TM promo for only P5,” explains Issa Cabreira, TM Brand Head.
To enjoy TM EXTEND, subscribers should be registered to the following TM promos: AstigTxt10, AstigCombo10, Combo10, Combo15, AstigTxt15, AstigTxt20 and AstigTxt30.

TM subscribers receive a text reminder 3-hours before his current promo expires to remind him to extend by texting EXTEND to 8888.

If you are registered to any TM unli SMS promo and you register to EXTEND, you get another 24-hours of unlitext to any TM/Globe number starting from the expiration time of your base promo.

Subscribers who are registered to a TM combo or bulk offer will also enjoy one more day of unlimited texts to TM/Globe PLUS he gets to use all his remaining ALL NET SMS and unconsumed minutes of his base promo once registered to EXTEND.

Subscribers may register to EXTEND for three consecutive times and register back to his favorite TM promo to be able to EXTEND again.

With EXTEND, TM subscribers may now enjoy one more day to enjoy their favorite TM promos for only P5 allowing them more time to connect with their friends and loved ones and explore more opportunities.

Register EXTEND to 8888 now and enjoy an extra 24-hours of your current TM promo. To know more about EXTEND, visit and watch out for the EXTEND TV and radio ads in your favorite programs.


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